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Welcome to my Massage Therapy Clinic, where East meets West in a harmonious blend of rejuvenation and relaxation. With a focus on Western deep tissue and Thai massage, I can provide a transformative experience, incorporating therapeutic techniques to release tension, improve flexibility, and promote overall well-being.

About me

Billy Talon Wooten

Massage Therapist

Welcome to my website! I’m a skilled massage therapist specializing in Thai & Western deep tissue massages. With a passion for healing touch, I’m dedicated to enhancing well-being through massage. Click on the link below to learn more about my experiences and practices!

Meet the smiling owner of our business, a warm and welcoming individual ready to assist you with personalized service and care. Their passion for delivering exceptional experiences shines through in every interaction. Get to know the face behind our brand, a dedicated professional committed to your satisfaction and well-being.


A woman receiving a deep tissue massage, with a professional massage therapist applying firm pressure to specific areas of her back, targeting muscle tension and promoting relaxation and relief.
Deep Tissue Massage

Western deep tissue massage is a therapeutic technique that targets deep muscle layers, relieving chronic tension, promoting healing, and improving flexibility.

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice from Thailand that combines
acupressure, stretching, and yoga-like postures.

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Individualized Plans

Experience tailored prenatal and car accident massage therapy for
optimal healing and well-being. 


What My Clients Say

M ShermanM Sherman
02:27 24 Mar 23
Billy offers a professional massage in a calm, clean and welcoming space. The thoughtful decor offers a nice environment to relax and be refreshed. Somehow, he can find the spots that need attention and you always leave with an improved attitude and body feeling good.
Mimi LillyMimi Lilly
03:51 16 Mar 23
Billy is a very professional and experienced massage therapist. He knows how your body muscles build and how they interact with each other. Therefore, Billy is so capable of relieving the pain and tight muscles by easily finding the right spot and related surrounding areas. Also, he is very attentive and patient. I absolutely recommend Billy for you as an excellent massage therapist!
Coral Hurley PolsonCoral Hurley Polson
23:20 28 Jan 23
Billy is an absolute gem! He is incredibly knowledgeable about his craft and provides top notch bodywork service. I appreciate that he takes the time to talk me through how my muscle, skeletal and nervous systems are connected and how the work he is doing is contributing towards long term relief of my stressed and overworked muscles. His studio is a space where I can feel welcome and relaxed.
Nancy FNancy F
11:04 24 Jan 23
Billy takes great care in understanding and has exceptional knowledge of the body with professionalism for whatever the need is or becomes. With the stresses and strains the body encounters, solutions are based on individual needs and focus so that even worse future problems do not develop and become hindrances to constantly just to live with as you may hear so many people have. I encourage you to see for yourself.
Sam BassSam Bass
19:42 16 Jan 23
Billy always takes excellent care of me and all my problems from years of sports and vehicle accidents. Keeps me from falling apart, truly. Totally recommend this guy, he knows what to look for and how to get at my problems.

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